Tetsuji Osano

Tetsuji Osano was born in the 1950s in the small village of Katsuyamamura, Japan, located near Mt. Fuji. Tetsuji has a diverse background, with a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Nihon University, 15 years of experience working in the cosmetics industry and several years of apprenticeship under an oil painting artist and a stone craftsman.

After establishing his corporate career in cosmetics, including formulating several new products which were sold throughout Japan, Tetsuji felt drawn to living a life outside the bounds of the traditional Japanese “salaryman”. He quit his job to apprentice under renowned art director Shigeki Nakamura in 1995, and opened his studio, Raizou, the same year.

Today, he and his wife enjoy a quiet life on the outskirts of the Kawaguchiko area near Mt. Fuji, where they have a gallery and private studio. In addition to his stone work, he regularly hosts visitors where he provides tours of his studio and allows visitors to make a stone item of their own.

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Tetsuji Osano's outstanding collection of stone work is now available. We invite you to experience the craftsmanship of a master artist.