About Kinjo Art

Kinjo Art is a boutique store featuring the highest-quality Japanese crafts. Our mission is to support Japanese craftspeople by making their wares available to a global audience.

We started the store after a road trip in Japan exposed us to the vast amount of unique, intricate crafts handmade by craftspeople throughout rural Japan. Many of these craftspeople are unable to make their products available outside of Japan due to technological and language barriers. Many visitors from abroad often miss visiting the remote locations of Japan due to the draw of popular destinations such as Tokyo and Kyoto. Kinjo Art serves as a bridge for people across the world to connect with local Japanese artists without making the trip to the Japanese countryside.

In Japanese, “Kinjo” translates to “close place” or “neighbor”. We want Kinjo Art to be a curated, personal experience. We have personal relationships with each artist and craftsperson featured on the site. Each item in our store is unique and handcrafted. Each artist and craftsperson has a biography so you can learn more about the people behind the works of art in our store. We hope it feels like the online equivalent of walking into a small art gallery in rural Japan.

Just like you would if you visited such a gallery in person, you are welcome to ask us any questions about any of the works featured in our store via the contact form. We hope you enjoy your time with us.

The Kinjo Art Team
Tokyo, Japan